Great live local music is out there, right at your doorstep!

Live local music is good for everyone – patrons will enjoy more food and drink, venues make more money, bands make a living, and everyone gets to hear covers they love and new original music they might never hear otherwise! 


GigFeast is the easy way for bars, restaurants, vineyards and venues to find great local bands and musicians; and for local bands to get great gigs at local spots.



GigFeast was founded by local musicians, Kathryn Colleen and Rueben James. Frustrated with trying to find bands for open mics and showcases, and with the current way bands find gigs, we had only one conclusion – there has to be a better way. The old way of booking local bands was a time consuming pain for both the venues and the bands. So we founded GigFeast – with a mission to make booking live local music quick, easy and fun for both venues and bands. : )



Find, Vet, Book, Coordinate and Pay Musicians ALL IN ONE PLACE.

Finding and booking bands is HARD and time consuming; not to mention the effort it takes to deal with tons of email, vet potential bands that want to play, keep them coordinated and get them paid, right? …. NOT ANYMORE! GigFeast just made it so very easy. The best local bands are at your fingertips with all the info you need to find and book great bands, keep your bands coordinated and pay them quickly and easily. Venues can use the Find Bands link above to search for bands by genre, mood, size, fee, location and more. See a band you like? Message them directly to book! (Register Your Venue TODAY to see things like average fee, backline, etc. It’s FREE, quick and easy!) Make GigFeast your one stop for booking live local music and free up your time to focus on what matters.



Register your band to fill out your FREE profile with the things that your local venues want to know, including: live video samples, sets lists, past experience, average fee, backline, and more. The best restaurants, bars, vineyards and small venues use our search feature to find you and book you directly! When a Venue messages you, you will be alerted by email so you never miss a booking. Bands can follow their favorite venues to let them know they are interested to play. Make GigFeast your booking-central to help keep all your bookings and contacts in one easy and well organized place.



GigFeast is starting off with a limited but powerful set of features. Here are some things you should know…

    • Anyone can search Bands, but only registered Venues can see things like average fee, backline and other details.
    • Venue profiles are not currently visible to the public. This may change in the future.
    • Band profiles are PUBLIC and SEARCHABLE BY ANYONE
    • Registered Bands may search and view Venue profiles, follow Venues to let them know they are interested to play, and message Venues. (But Venues can block any band being annoying, so choose your approach carefully.)
    • Band profiles are extensive; offering everything local venues want to know before they book, all in one page.
    • Both Band and Venue profiles have a calendar feature where you can track your shows and open time slots.
    • Registered Venues and Bands can message each other directly!
    • Both Venues and Bands can block anyone they would rather not hear from.
    • When someone sends you a message, you will receive an email letting you know.
    • You can control these notifications and others in your Account tab.
    • Venues can follow Bands to keep track of Bands they like to book, or may want to book in the future.
    • Bands can follow Venues to let them know they are interested to play. Following is a great way to let a Venue know you would like to play there without inundating them with email and other time-consuming materials.
    • There is a list in the right sidebar (once you are logged in) showing who you follow, so you can get to them quickly!
    • You can pay a band by clicking on the “Pay This Band” button found on their profile page.
    • OR you can pay one or more bands (up to 5 bands) on the “Pay Bands” page.
    • The “Pay Bands” page lets you designate the band, the venue, performance date and amount for each band you want to pay. Pay one, two or up to five bands all in one form!
    • GigFeast retains a 10% management fee from payments sent to bands, and send the remaining 90% on to the band via PayPal or Check.
    • Both Bands and Venues can message the GigFeast Admin directly right here on the site to request new features and get help with anything you may need!
    • You must be logged in to message the admin, or anyone else.
    • Logged in Bands and Venues can also check out the GigFeast Admin profile page to see current system status, and what we are working on to make GigFeast even better!



Click the settings icon seen here…




Unfortunately… NO. We realize that this can be an inconvenience and for that we are truly sorry. If you have multiple bands or venues that you want to list, you will need to register them each under different emails. We realize that if you are a booking agent and represent LOTS of bands or if you have many restaurants, that could be a major pain. You can, of course, have each of those emails auto-forward to your most preferred email making it at least only a one-time pain.