Services: Search, Booking, Coordination, and More!

GigFeast Booking is a FREE service for Venues. Let us do some of the work for you, and get back to focusing on what matters most – your business!

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Venue-Focused Booking For Your Live Music

  1. Fill out your profile to tell us what you like and don’t like – Tell us about what types of bands and musicians you are looking for, what fees you plan to offer, house rules, etc. (just EDIT YOUR PROFILE to fill out this information).
  2. Follow the GigFeast Booking profile – so you can find us easily again and send us a quick message to let us know you are ready for recommendations
  3. We find great musicians that match what you want – We seek out amazing local talent to match your venue and “follow” them for you. When you log into your GigFeast account, you will see our recommendations in your “Following” area in the right sidebar.
  4. Explore the bands we recommend first to save time – Like a band we recommended? Message them directly to book!
  5. Need even more options? – Use our advanced search feature to find bands by genre, size, mood, location, and more!
  6. Want us to book and coordinate the bands for you? – We can do that too!

Only The Best

We pick only the best local bands and musicians that we think you and your patrons will be thrilled with – bands with good reputations and professional demeanors. With hundreds of bands to pick from, and very discerning tastes, you are sure to love who we recommend for you. If you have specific bands that you already love, let us know and we will follow them for you as well.

Be The First To Know About New Bands

Periodically, we repeat our searches to find great new bands that you may not have heard of that are ready to make your venue the coolest place in town. We will alert you when there is someone new to consider.

What’s The Catch?

Although venues will ultimately profit most from having live music (patrons will eat and drink more); Venues do not HAVE TO host live music. So we appreciate that you do and do not want to charge you. The catch is that you must pay your bands through GigFeast after their performances, OR you can escrow money with GigFeast and we will then pay the bands after their performances. When you pay your bands through GigFeast, we receive a 10% management fee from the bands. This allows us to keep booking and coordination fees to zero.


For specialized or more extensive services, register as a Venue and message GigFeast Booking at our profile page.