*** TOS Updated ***

The Terms of Service have been updated for GigFeast.com. Please read them carefully and DO NOT USE THIS SITE IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH THESE TERMS IN THEIR ENTIRETY.
The most significant change to the terms is the addition of section 7 on Management Fees. This is so important that we have copied this section here for your quick access. Continued use of the site constitutes agreement with this section and all sections of the Terms Of Service. 
By using this website, you agree to accept payments through this website. You further agree to GigFeast withholding a 10% management commission on all payments received through this website on behalf of you, or the bands or musicians whose profile pages you manage. You agree that payments will be made to GigFeast, who will then forward the remaining 90% on to you via specified methods, which currently include PayPal or Check. This feature is intended solely for Venues to pay Bands for live music performances, and other entertainers for other types of performances. You must not use this payment feature for any other purpose, and you must not use this feature for illegal activity of any kind. GigFeast will monitor use of the payment feature and immediately report suspicious use of the payment feature to appropriate authorities.